World PvP

September 12, 2008

In a burst of being surprisingly more topical than usual, I’ve been trying to write up an article on world PvP and how that effects leveling and other such things for the last week or so, only to have Blizzard come out and say they’re allowing PvE to PvP transfers.

This only makes my post more poignant. If you’re transferring from a PvE server to a PvP server you can expect to have these things happen to you:

  1. When you’re fighting a mob, you will be attacked, often by after you’ve made eye contact and they seem like they’re going to let you alone.
  2. After they’ve waited until you’re at low health and then killed you, they will proceed to laugh at you and spit on you, while any players of the ganking faction will pass by and congratulate the ganker.

I know, as I’ve been the dead human/gnome/blood elf/tauren who has lied there, hoping that these people just go away. And it’ll just get worse when there can be a level discrepancy.

I’ve often tried to figure out why this ganking goes on, and honestly I have no idea. The best guess I can give is the hazing type mentality where because it happened to me, it’s okay for me to do it to others. I find this to be a crock, but I’m fairly “carebear” for being on a PvP server.

As far as the transfers, I don’t really care. Sure, it sort of feels like I’ve been a little cheated, with the hours of my life lost to STV that the PvE player hasn’t, but it doesn’t really matter. Oh and the idea of “Stop QQing, PvPers: ezmode targets” strikes me as incredibly hollow. Even the bigest of carebears learned very fast how to deal with a PvP environment. So You’ve got a few days of free ganking, and then everyone is on a similar plane.