lol l2tank, nubz

August 9, 2008

The first character I was ever able to level past 20 was a human warrior on Arthas, named Jeanvaljean, and I was spec’d dps, through and through. I hated the idea of equipping a shield, and I was good at whacking things until they died. At the time I wasn’t too interested in instances, which was a good thing, as at the time it would have been nearly impossible to convince anyone to let me in with my two madly swinging swords.

It wasn’t until I rerolled Horde on Coilfang that I really started to see how narrow minded people were about the roles of classes. A bunch of my friends were rolling Blood Elves, and I figured I’d do the same, picking paladin because it was as close to my beloved warrior as they could get. And if any of you have ever tried to get into a group as a retribution paladin, you’d find pretty fast that they’re expecting you to heal or tank, but definitely not be up there swinging wildly with your two hander.

After months of being pestered to haelz or being asked if I could tank I got sick of it and rerolled a warlock on a different server. I had a blast and managed to get my little gnome up to level 62 before everyone I knew stopped playing.

Then one new friend started playing, and I figured I’d get back into the game with a new mindset, and I’d actually l2tank, seeing as I had endlessly heard about the tank shortages. But if I was going to tank, I’d have to figure out how in the word I’d go about leveling in anything resembling the speed I was used to. After researching the subject some, I stumbled onto the druid, and ended up deciding that I would roll feral druid, which brings me to this blog.

There a many good blogs on paladins and druids and warriors floating around, but there wasn’t any that I could find focusing on tanking and learning to tank. I’m fairly clueless in this field, myself, but I figured it would be a great service to myself, if nothing else, to chronicle everything I learn along the way.