Warloke’s New Role

Warloke in HelfiresSo yesterday I was talking to Leaf from The Gnogue in Blog Azeroth chat, and he reminded me how much I love playing Gnomes. So I decided to pull Warloke out of the semi-retirement he’s been sitting in for most of the summer.

While he’s not my first toon to make it to Outlands, he’s the first one that I’ve done more than just run around getting stomped on by things much larger than myself. I think I’m going to turn him back into my main, especially as he has the greatest chance of making it to 70 before the expansion rolls around.

He also managed to find a new guild in the first twelve hours he was active, with out even trying. I was busying running back to my corpse after being camped by a level 70 Troll Shaman near the PvP objectives in Hellfire Peninsula when a I get a tell and a party invite by a level 70 Draenei Hunter who apologized for not getting there sooner. She then helped me get my PvP daily finished. She saw that I was a poor, homeless Gnome and offered me an invite to her guild. So now I’m a proud member of Disaster on Illidan.


One Response to Warloke’s New Role

  1. Leaf says:

    Hey! Great to hear that you’ve rediscovered the Gnome in you again. šŸ™‚

    Good luck with leveling. Hope to hear more about it soon.

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