Let’s Try This Again

So, it’s been about three weeks since I last posted here. This isn’t due, entirely, to lack of ideas. I have a bunch of posts sitting around, waiting to be published. They’ll probably never be finished, and I honestly don’t remember what they’re supposed to be about.

In this absence I did learn something, though. As much as I love the idea of tanking, and how my goal is still learning to tank, I really don’t like it. Part of the problem might be that when ever I actually get to tank I’m playing with people who are on their bajillionth alt, and they don’t really let me tank. I’m constantly chasing around after mobs that I don’t need to, because they have a handle on it. But seeing as it was my first time trying to legitimately tank an instance, it was incredibly stressful.

I’ve also found, in the mean time that I’ve come to embrace my arch nemesis, healing. This might have something to do with the PuG in which I was healing was far more supportive, tried to do things like a real group, and the group leader was full of compliments (Plus I kept everyone up, even when the testy mage decided to “test” the tank by randomly pulling a bunch of mobs right before we zoned out).

With this in mind, I don’t think this blog is going to become l2healz, but I think something much more amorphous, mainly because I think I’ll be much more likely to be able to come up with something to write, and generally have more fun.

So, everyone gets to be subjected for my loving abuse of the comma.

PS, I’m keeping the tittle, as maybe, some day, I’ll l2tank lolz!!1!


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