Pleasant Surprise

Before I decided I wanted to learn how to tank and created Moreready, I spent a bunch of time creating low level toons, getting dissatisfied, and moving on to the next. Part of my process is to send all the items to my bank alt and then sell them in the auction house from one convenient toon. In all prolificness I gathered a lot of herbs and leather and ore, far more than more poor little bank could hold in his bags, so I put all these items in his bank vault, and then promptly forgot about them.

Then, today, when I’m going to put away a few items I don’t want to accidentally sell I find my bank nearly full with full stacks of items. Needless to say I was quite pleasantly surprised, very much like finding a wad of cash in that jacket you haven’t worn in forever.


One Response to Pleasant Surprise

  1. Mae says:

    What you were talking about about moving from toon to toon before finding yourself happy with one is something I’m going through right now. My main is a raider and I have three alts who are 70, and like five alts who are lower level and I really don’t like any of them. I think I have expansion fever, I can’t quite decide what to do.

    Congrats on finding all that stuff in your bank, always nice to make a buck out of the blue.

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